How can you format your college assignment accurately?

Every student dreams of passing their exams with flying colors. However, there are many things involved in the academic session apart from exams. Assignment writing is one of the most crucial aspects of academics to define the caliber of a student and his overall performance for the semester. Therefore, every student should focus precisely on their assignment writing skills and try to present it in a manner that inculcates better results.

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Here are some of the tips of formatting that are essential enough to prepare a perfect assignment that can help you score well in exams-

Important things to be included in an assignment

Besides, writing a good content piece for your assignment, there are also many other essential things that a student needs to focus upon before submitting their assignment. These are as follows-

  • Binding
  • Cover page
  • Title
  • Color scheming
  • Topic
  • Personal Information
  • Instructor’s details

Body of the assignment

After considering all the main aspects of your assignment, try to focus on the body of your assignment. The body of your assignment should include-


This is the very first part of your assignment that should mainly include the outline section, introduction, aim, scope and background information. The outline section mentions about the points that would be covered further in your assignment. While the introduction part ensures a clear objective and purpose of your writing that should not be more than two paragraphs. All the ideas and sentences should be correlated in a manner that they convey the same meaning, building a connection. Also, the ideas presented in your assignment should be completely unbiased, without any personal thoughts or partial comments. You can also write down your points with a format of bullets and numbering so that the reader understands them easily.

Facts and figures

To make your assignment look more interesting and attracting, make sure that you include all the relevant facts and figures in it. For example, you can support the theory of your facts with the help of certain examples and illustrations. Insert tables where necessary, to make your facts look more organized. Do not exceed the word count of your assignment; make sure that you write about the topic in the given limits. Be concise and subjective. If the header and footer need to be included in your assignment, make sure that they are placed well. The font size should always remain between 11 and 12. And the spacing between the two sentences should not be more than 1.5.

Critical analysis

This talks about the final or ending part of your assignment. So make sure that you conclude your assignment well with relevant thoughts and content. The bibliography section comes in the ending part of your assignment that includes all the references and sources taken to write down the content.

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