How to write an effective dissertation proposal?

Proposals are considered to be an essential part of the dissertation paper, which you are asked to write to convince your supervisor or professor, explaining to them that your dissertation has so much new to bring to the table. The purpose behind writing a research proposal is to present and thoroughly justify the reason as to why there is a need to look into the research problem and propose practical ways for the study to be conducted.

Your proposal needs to be approximately around 1000 words, which should include-

Titles related to your topic area

You need to decide a title that gets added to your proposal. However, you cannot simply stick to just one title – you can modify and change it accordingly during the course of your study.

Research context

Your proposal needs to include some of the background stories against which your research would be conducted. The proposal needs to have a brief introduction that outlines about the general area of study and identifies the subject area within which the study falls. You can also refer towards the current state of knowledge and add any recent debates or discussions on the subject. This can include some articles, publications, literary work and other important sources.

You need to also concentrate on research issue, aims or questions that you intend to address in your subject. You can write it down in the form of specific aims or research questions.

Importance of your proposed research

Your proposal needs to clearly demonstrate about how your research fills a gap in the existing research. Under this part, you need to explain why your research is essential and what contribution it would make in order to enhance the existing knowledge. It is important for you to explain as to why your research needs to be reviewed and why it is crucial enough for study.

Make sure that you also explain about the research methodology that would be adopted for performing research. Whether it includes the fieldwork or library-based collection, it needs to be mentioned in your proposal.

Give details about how you will obtain information

You can rely on journals, articles, books, newspapers, case reports, websites, historical records and other online sources that would help you to obtain information for your research. Some researches might also indulge you in gathering data through direct interactions and observations which includes conducting interviews, circulating questionnaires or observing behavior.

By following these few simple steps, you can easily write an impressive and perfect dissertation proposal for your academic requirements. And if you feel you are stuck with one, you can hire experts from dissertation writing services, anytime you want.

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